Category: BioTech

BioEngineering and Athletes

Since the inception of competition, gaining a competitive advantage has been a persistent goal for athletes. For centuries, the competitive […]

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Methane to Protein

Cows have had a bad rep over the past few years, due to the amount of methane they release — […]

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New Lab Space to Attract Biotech Talent

When construction is completed this month, 704 QO will offer ready-to-occupy lab/office spaces for companies of all sizes. What really […]

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Maryland-Based Bio-Trac has Provided Advanced  Training for Research Scientists for over 33 Years There is a company in Maryland that has been on the cutting edge of biomedical research […]

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Roberts Oxygen

The local firm committed to meeting the essential needs of the BioTech community. You’ve probably seen the Roberts Oxygentrucks on […]

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UMD Biotech Training

The BREP program at UMD provides much-needed biotechnology industry training workshops that support the growing demand for biomanufacturing and process […]

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