Category: BioMed

Getting to Know Dr. James Garner, CEO of Kazia Therapeutics

Photo courtesy of Kazia Therapeutics.  BioSpace recently spoke with Dr. James Garner, CEO of Kazia Therapeutics, an oncology company that […]

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AGT CEO Jeff Galvin on the Future of the Gene and Cell Therapy Industry

The rapid growth of biopharma is causing a shift to a new paradigm for the drug development and delivery model. […]

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Relmada Therapeutics Developing REL-1017 to Treat Major Depression

Depression affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Relmada Therapeutics is working to develop a treatment for those with depression […]

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Implications of Pharma Outcomes

Oklahoma was the first state to file suit against opioid manufacturers. The success of their legal strategy will have a significant impact on the opioid–and pharmaceutical–industry going forward.

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Blood Cancer Therapies

The story of the science behind the gains in survival rates and the development of ever-more effective therapies is the story of advances in the field of immunotherapy and personalized medicine.

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