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Rare Disease Math

In years past, there were no viable therapies for rare diseases. Today, the barrier to viable therapies is the cost associated with their development.

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What Is a Viral Vector?

You have something you want delivered to a defended location. A viral vector is one way to fulfill this purpose.

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Biotech & Human Insulin

Did you know that insulin you're using was produced in a lab by E. coli?!

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Biotech What & How

What is biotechnology use for? How does it work? Let's start with bread.

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What Is Biotech?

There's a lot of hype around biotechnology and its potential to change the world - for good or bad. Most […]

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to Tech Time – the weekly blog about BioTech, Health-Tec, Sci-Tech, and New Tech. Each Thursday you’ll find a new post, written for...

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