What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Cell Therapy Investments

It’s difficult to believe there is anything that Star Wars can teach us about cell therapy, let alone cell therapy […]

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7 Cell Therapy Companies in Maryland Helping to Revolutionize Drug Discovery: The Latest News

Maryland is home to one of the largest life science clusters in the United States with more than 500 biotech […]

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Rare Diseases: Why Are They Difficult to Cure?

Approximately 7,000 rare diseases affect 350-500 million people worldwide. The majority of these (80%) are monogenic, so-called because these genetic […]

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The History of HIV Cure Research: Reaching for a Cure

A new immune deficiency illness came on the scene in 1981. In the years immediately following, four questions arose that […]

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The History of HIV Cure Research: The Latest Research in BioPharma

In the forty years since the HIV/AIDS pandemic began in 1981, researchers have learned a lot about this disease that […]

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Getting to Know Dr. James Garner, CEO of Kazia Therapeutics

Photo courtesy of Kazia Therapeutics.  BioSpace recently spoke with Dr. James Garner, CEO of Kazia Therapeutics, an oncology company that […]

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