Bio-Trac Immune Oncology

The First Annual Bio-Trac Symposium at the Bioscience Education Center at Montgomery College was sold out with attendees coming in […]

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INOVA Discovery

IPHA Oracle Survey Identifies Four Consumer Health Factors That Impact HealthTech Innovation The Fall 2018 Inova Discover Series program showcased […]

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Abhita Batra

Abhita Batra, CEO Otomagnetics, Inc., is leading the growth of an innovative biotech startup, and bringing a drug delivery technology […]

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First in the ‘Plug and Play’ Stem Cell Products RoosterBio has come a long way from its days in the […]

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What's a CGM

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) makes information about glucose levels readily available to diabetics for treatment decisions. CGM devices are FDA-approved systems that automatically take readings at 5- to 15-minute intervals. What happens next can be life-changing.

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Bio-Trac - First Annual Symposium

I spent the afternoon yesterday at the First Annual BioTrac Symposium. The topic was Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology. The speakers were very knowledgeable and spoke about Opal staining, multispectral image acquisition, and the immunophenotyping analysis with AI. It was fascinating. There are hands-on workshops today.

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