I enjoy a good technological innovation as much as the next guy. But delivery droids that look like coolers on wheels? Being tested in DC? Seriously?

YA Book Review: Air


AIR, by Ryan Gattis, is one of the best books I’ve read all year. Grey is a guy who loves to get air – to ride his bicycle as fast as possible before taking off of a ramp or other stable structure and doing flips or other risky stunts. He doesn’t do this to be […]

A Win for the Honeybees!


Finally. There’s some good news for the little guy. In this instance, the little guy happens to be the lowly honeybee. A.k.a. The pollinators that are essential to crops around the world. The very pollinators that make it possible for us to have almonds in our cereal and melons at our cookouts. The die-off of […]

IEEE Medal of Honor to Dresselhaus

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In June, Professor Mildred Dresselhaus will formally receive the 2015 IEEE Medal of Honor for her leadership and contributions across many fields of science and engineering. She is the first woman to receive the organisation’s highest honor since its inception in 1917. | Scientific American Blog

Dice and Cats in One Physics Book

Schrodinger Doodle

Einstein’s dice and Schrodinger’s cat in one book? What could be more? Be still my heart! I’ll post a review once I’ve finished the book. Meanwhile, here’s a review from the New York Times. | New York Times Sunday Book Review

Nepal Earthquake How


Saturday’s terrible earthquake was the latest result of an ongoing collision of giant pieces of our planet, a slow-moving disaster that started about 50 million years ago. | Scientific American

Extreme Condition Marine Tech


Tomorrow’s maritime technology must be able to handle extreme conditions during Arctic and deep-water operations. A new research centre designed to develop these technologies holds promise for Norwegian industry. | GEMINI

Octopus Limbs


How do octopuses keep track of their 8 limbs? Researchers have discovered that secret behind an octopus’s dexterity comes from the radial symmetry of its legs. Check it out! | News from Science

Eat to Beat Type 2

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Sometimes it’s hard to manage everything and still keep glucose levels in check. I know that’s the case for me when I have an asthma flare and need to take prednisone. To make it worse, because I don’t want take prednisone, I’ve been letting things go way too long and had my peak flows tank. […]

Epitome of Unintended Consequences


I recently switched car insurance companies. I was happy with the rate I got. Soon after, I received a device to monitor my driving in the event that I wanted to try to qualify for a discount on my rate. I did not care about trying for a discount so I ignored the device – […]

Cookbook: Meat on the Side

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Nikki Dinki is my all-time favorite Next Food Network Star contestant. Her philosophy is that meat should not be the focus of a meal. This is a perfect approach for those trying to better-balance their plates while controlling Type 2. The book is slated for release in early 2016. You can read all about it […]

Reading for the Scientific Mind


I’ve been enjoying dystopian literature of late. Dystopian literature deals with events in a flawed future. Everything is in place for the Utopia generations have hoped to achieve. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, something has gone terribly wrong. The Dystopian Novels I’ll be writing about are: The Time Machine, H.G. Wells, 1895 Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, 1932 […]

Reading for the Scientific Mind


The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber is above all a poignant love story. It explores the bonds between Peter and Beatrice Leigh as they are tested by their very separate experiences in two very different environments.

Ending Food Insecurity


Most of us can take it for granted that we’ll have access to three meals a day. We may choose not to eat three meals, but we have that choice because we have the money to buy food. We also may not choose to eat healthy foods, but we have a range of healthy options available […]

So why isn’t our atmosphere sucked into space

Sulfur Cycle

When you think about it, Earth is a closed system. The water you’re drinking is part of the same water cycle as the water the dinosaur’s drank. The ground you’re walking on has been there for millennia. As rocks are worn away by weathering and soil erodes, the resulting materials make their way into the cycle […]

Mission to Mars


I’ve heard about a possible one-way Mission to Mars. It definitely caught my attention, but in a peripheral way. I wasn’t sure if it was something NASA was planning to do, or something Rutan was planning to do, or just something some Space-Happy person had suggested. I recently saw that this idea is, indeed, for read and […]

Reading for the Scientific Mind


Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer is the first in a trilogy about a place known as Area X. In the same way that nearly everyone over the age of 10 has an opinion about Area 54, the wider society in Annihilation believes a catastrophic environmental event occurred in Area X. Authorities have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors; […]

Weight or PSI


I was thinking about it last night. Are the game balls weighed or is the psi of the game balls checked before the game and again at half time? Think of the tires on your car. You don’t weigh those. You use a pressure gauge to check the psi to see if they’re properly inflated. I checked, and that’s precisely what the […]

Tom Brady-ism


It’s possible if you are not from New England, that you don’t quite get the thing with Tom Brady. The fact is, he’s not just revered – he’s idolized. From when you’re a kid, the Patriots are the team and since the 2000 season or so, Brady has been the quarterback. Watching him throw is a pleasure and the […]

Why Deflate a Football


If you’re a Pats fan, you’re used to dubious behavior on the part of a team that’s good enough – absolutely – to have no need for dubious behavior. Especially in the weeks before the Super Bowl, claims of dubious behavior – aka cheating – are the last thing you want to hear. Yet here […]