Why Aren’t We Fighting for Our Health?

I’ve had some time to think during my blogging hiatus. It’s occurred to me that Type 2 Diabetes is as serious as many other diseases, yet we don’t seem to view it as a crisis or something we must fight. I think there’s a sense of complacency that comes with the pills we take to manage our Type 2. Also, the advertisements on television and in print media make taking insulin seem like no big deal. Let me hasten to say that taking insulin is no big deal if that’s what you need to do to manage your diabetes. However, it seems that in addition to taking our medication, we should be doing more than trying to make changes in our lives. Making changes in our lives must be a top priority. We must use our medication as a stop gap as we fight to regain our health. 

What led me to this conclusion was an episode of Biggest Loser in which several people were able to put their Type 2 into remission by losing weight and exercising. It occurred to me that waiting until you weigh 400 pounds definitely puts losing weight at the top of the list. Having cancer definitely puts seeking aggressive medical attention at the top of the list. Having open heart surgery definitely puts changes in lifestyle at the top of the list. Yet – being diagnosed with Type 2 leads to trying to make changes.

I know that I have not been trying to make changes. I have been making changes. Yet, with the medication I must take, getting my glucose under control through diet and exercise alone may never be possible. Still, I’m determined to use as little medication as possible because I know Type 2 is a progressive disease. I know there will come a time when I will need to use more and more medication. If I blow this time when I might use less medication, I’m going to be miserable later when I have no choice but to use more medication, knowing I blew this chance.

We need to fight for our health. We need to get ourselves in gear and kick Type 2 in the butt before it compromises our health any further than it already has. I think it’s a bit like high blood pressure. You take a pill and the problem is solved. But those pills have side effects. And the dose that works today won’t be the dose that works tomorrow unless we do something to make a change.

I’m back to blogging and I’m ready to tackle this Type 2 head on. I don’t want to worry about the complications that will come from this disease in the future. I don’t want to be lulled into a false complacency by commercials that make using insulin seem like just one more part of a family get together. I want to be at that get together with less medication than I’m on now – not more.

So – check with your doctor to be sure you can exercise. Get a good cookbook with recipes that make your mouth water. Make the changes today. At the very least, walk up and down the stairs a few extra times, fix a salad with more than lettuce, and cut back on the carbs you’re eating for dinner. You’ll feel better and your body will thank you!


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