Climate Change

ClimateChangeGreenhouse Gases. Global warming. Carbon footprints. LEED standards. Fossil Fuels. Biofuels. The Water Cycle. Melting Polar ice. Worsening weather. Loss of habitat. Rising sea levels. Air Quality. Water Rights.

Each is just one part of what we talk about when we talk about Climate Change. So what is Climate Change?

We’re talking about all of the influences that contribute to worsening of conditions on our planet. These conditions may be caused directly by mankind. They may be caused indirectly by mankind. They may be things we can fix. They’re probably things we can only influence.

Whatever the case, they are things we cannot ignore. Climate Change is not a buzzword without meaning. It is a term that is used to describe and classify information that is vital to our survival as a species. 

When you see this image, you’ll know the post is about something related to Climate Change. The post may include an interview, a news item, a TED Talk, or a report on the latest research. Whichever it is, it will be worth your time.

It will also include a link that you can use to follow-up by being heard or joining in.

You’ll be surprised by how many things come under the heading of Climate Change!

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