Update on the Verio Sync

Feb21It’s true that I love my Verio Sync. It’s also true that there is a lot not to love. With that in mind, consider the following:

Pro: The 14-day summary visible in the Reveal app on my iPhone keeps me motivated and on track.

Pro: The Reveal app spots trends.

Pro: The Reveal app gives an average glucose.*

Con: When Verio Sync says it will print a report, it prints a screen shot.

Con: Data that is older than 14 days, is not available on your iPhone.

Con: You cannot scroll through your Verio Sync to see past data.

Con: Data beyond 14 days must be downloaded to a Windows-based program.

Con: The Verio must be charged.

For me, the benefit of staying on target and motivated to do even more far outweighs the inconvenience associated with access to my data. Were I not on and off of steroids for control of steroid-dependent asthma, I’m not sure I would feel this way. The shortcoming of losing all but the last two weeks of data is an extreme shortcoming. I wanted to be clear with anyone reading my reviews of the Verio Sync that these Cons are very important points that are not mentioned in the material touting the Verio Sync.

  • Gina

  • The average glucose reading is the average of the readings you’ve taken. If you take your readings when you have low readings, it is not going to show the same average as if you take your readings when your glucose is high. Because of this, you need to use this figure with caution if you are using it to estimate your A1c.

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