Type 2 and Kids

I just read a horrifying report about Metformin and kids. It boils down to this: Kids and teens do not respond to Metformin in the same way as adults. That’s very bad news for kids because once they develop Type 2, the disease progresses more rapidly than in adults. Bottom line: They are in trouble for life. The simple solution is not to develop Type 2 in the first place.

I can tell you from my own experience that making the changes necessary to be more active and to eat in a healthier way is not a linear, or easy, process. And I say that from the perspective of an adult with a Type 2 diagnosis. It’s more difficult still to change the habits of a kid who really can’t see the bigger picture.

Still – it’s not like we can sit still and let our kids down. We have to do whatever we can to get this younger generation up and on their feet. That may mean we have to get out there with them. Most kids don’t live where they can stay outside and play until dinner. They have homework and sports to interfere with playtime, too. The very least we can do is get some exercise as a family on a regular basis. At least that’s what I’m planning to do. I’m also encouraging my kids to use the treadmill inside our house at least a couple of times a week. That’s something I hadn’t done before but I’m hoping its use will establish a habit that causes them some unease when they don’t exercise at all.

We’ll see.

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