Tom Hanks and Type 2

TomHanks2013So, the quintessential Everyman has joined the Type 2 world. Pretty sobering – especially since he’s my age and I don’t think of him as overweight. Just what does it take to be overweight any more, any way? According to the report I read, his doctor’s advice was to weigh what he did in high school and he’d be fine – I believe the advice was not meant to be taken seriously. I especially doubt this since Hanks said he weighed 97 pounds in high school …

Yet it does give me pause. I know that my Type 2 was written on the wall and just waiting for me because I believe there is a strong genetic component. I also know that the frequent high doses of prednisone I’ve relied upon to control my asthma were enough to push me into the red zone, with or without any extra weight I carry. I also know I’m working hard to reduce my steroid dependence, get more exercise as I can breathe better, and stick to lower carb versions of the foods I love as I add more fruits and vegetables to my diet.

But Tom Hanks? Really?

My only hope is that he went through a morbidly obese phase that I missed completely. Otherwise, it seems that the changes I’m making are indeed lifelong changes – no going back to frequent meetings with deep dish pizza and triple chocolate mousse cake. <sigh> But maybe it’s best to view those things as the food equivalent of skinny jeans – only there to torment you as you go about your life.

Am I saying we’re doomed? Am I saying it’s not even worth an effort to change things? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that it’s beginning to dawn on me that the price of good health is eternal vigilance.


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  1. Gina, I can tell you’re a writer — “eternal vigilance” and “frequent meetings with deep dish pizza and triple chocolate mousse cake”… in the midst of a very serious issue you manage to maintain your wonderful sense of humor. Oh, and I do recall that Tom Hanks had to gain a bunch of weight for one of his roles — can’t remember which. Margie 🙂

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