The Paris Agreement Intro

When I hear the words UN, agreement, and the US, I have to admit I don’t like it. Right off the bat, I know it is going to call for the US to do the lion’s share as other, equally well-off countries, ride in our slipstream. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a peacekeeping force or aid to nations that genuinely need it, since the beginning of the UN, the US had ponied up far too much. HOWEVER, before I assume that is again the case, I thought I’d learn more about the Paris Agreement before I assume the worst of the UN. With that in mind, this is the first in a series of posts on the topic. You’ll find links to other posts on the topic added here as I make them.

It’s also the case that I believe fully in Climate Change. I also believe that every nation must do its part and that the US will need to be a leader in this cause because of our prosperity, technological ability, and responsibility to the planet. If these seem like conflicting views on my part, you understand fully where I am as I begin this investigation into the Paris Agreement.

Finally, I want to know what it does to 1. The Paris Agreement, and 2. Our relationship with other nations, that we chose to pull out of an agreement we’d already ratified.

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