TED Talks

about_tedTED Talks are a way to share Ideas Worth Sharing. It all started in 1984 as a one-time conference to bring people from the technology, entertainment, and design sectors together. Since then, the TED nonprofit has evolved into an organization with two annual conferences, a site to host the videos, and a number of related activities.

TED Talks must be 18 minutes or less. The speakers are invited to make their presentations because they are considered to be fascinating thinkers. There are more than 1,500 TED talks now available for viewing. All of the talks can be viewed for free, and more are added each week.

It’s hard not to be excited at the thought of thought-provoking presentations by respected thinkers. Because of that, TED Talks are a part of this blog. I hope you enjoy them and are intrigued by the ideas they present.


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