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Weight or PSI

I was thinking about it last night. Are the game balls weighed or is the psi of the game balls checked before the game and again at half time? Think of the tires on your car. You don’t weigh those. You use a pressure gauge to check the psi to see if they’re properly inflated. I checked, and that’s precisely what the […]

Tom Brady-ism

It’s possible if you are not from New England, that you don’t quite get the thing with Tom Brady. The fact is, he’s not just revered – he’s idolized. From when you’re a kid, the Patriots are the team and since the 2000 season or so, Brady has been the quarterback. Watching him throw is a pleasure and the […]

Why Deflate a Football

If you’re a Pats fan, you’re used to dubious behavior on the part of a team that’s good enough – absolutely – to have no need for dubious behavior. Especially in the weeks before the Super Bowl, claims of dubious behavior – aka cheating – are the last thing you want to hear. Yet here […]