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Scale Model Testing

This video will give you a feel for what goes on in a model basin. Basically, what they are doing it testing a smaller version of a proposed design to see how it will fare under a range of conditions. The more they can discover and correct now, the more successful and reliable the full-sized version will be when it is put into use.

What is a Model Basin?

A model basin is a structure designed for the testing of scale model vessels. In practice, it can be used to test the design of anything that utilizes hydrodynamics before it is built in full scale. What that means, is that a 6 foot model of a ship form can be tested under a variety of conditions before construction of a full sized vessel is undertaken.

Here’s to William Froude

It’s easy for us to look back and assume that everything went smoothly for those who were the first with an amazing idea. It’s also easy for us to miss the fact that ideas that are commonly accepted now were once wild ideas in the view of the established schools of thought. The most obvious examples are the ideas that were considered heretical by the Catholic church, but those were not the only ideas that brought ridicule to visionaries in their time. Sometimes the ridicule came from other men of science.