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Peterson Field Guide App

> There’s a Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds app from Wildtonesthat’s compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. There are over 180 birds – far more types than we get in our yard – so chances are excellent you’ll be able to identify the feathered creatures passing their time in your […]

Did You Know: Before the Peterson Field Guides

Did you know that before the Peterson Field Guides, it was common practice to kill a bird so that the specimen could be identified? After identification, the “skins” of the birds were preserved with arsenic. Some of the skins exist today. In fact, you can see many of them at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute […]

Peterson Bird Guides

It all started with what looked like a dead Flicker. Roger Tory Peterson didn’t expect the bundle of brown feathers to move when he touched it. But it did and in that woodpecker’s flurry of movement and the associated burst of color, the eleven-year old was forever “hooked” on birds. In her biography of Peterson, […]