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Forces at Work: Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are subject to the two basic forces that are in effect for all bridges. These forces are compression and tension. In a cantilever bridge, with the space between the cantilevered portion spanned by a suspended deck, the compression and tension are straightforward. As you can see in this diagram above, from Merriam-Webster, a […]

Types of Bridges: Cantilever

There are four main types of bridges. The cantilever bridge is one type. It gets its name because it is built using cantilevers – horizontal structures that are supported on only one end. (Think diving board.) With a cantilever bridge, there is a structure that supports one end of the deck. This deck structure can […]

Bridge Book

I’ve been having a splendid time researching my book on the science of bridges. My most recent research has been into spectacular bridge failures. I have to say, I will be looking at bridges in an entirely new way from now on – which is not a good thing, but an inevitable part of my job. […]