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Why with NYE

Who doesn’t love Bill Nye? He’s not just the science guy. He’s one of a kind, or, as he says – “If you’re like me, and I know I am …” He is also the guy who has a genius for presenting accurate science in an exciting way. His newest science program is Why with […]

Baseball/Numb3rs/Bill Nye

Yes! Opening Day is just over the horizon. It’s baseball time again!. Fantasy Teams. Picks for best of the season. I love this time of year. Numb3rs had a show in 2005 that’s still one of my favorites. It had Bill Nye pitching a disastrous curve ball to Larry. And a steroid-detecting statistical program developed […]

Going Green with Planet Green and Bill Nye

Remember Bill Nye the Science Guy – easily one of the top science shows in the history of science shows.  Well, Nye is baaaaa–aaaaack.  This time his show is “Stuff Happens” and you can see it on Planet Green.  In the show, Nye takes us into the unintended consequences of our everyday decisions.  For instance, […]