I enjoy a good technological innovation as much as the next guy. But delivery droids that look like coolers on wheels? Being tested in DC?


Not only is DC already justifiably on high alert every single day. Not only are the sidewalks crowded and the traffic snarled in near gridlock. Let’s add bots on wheels that are just about tall enough to slam unsuspecting pedestrians in the back of the knees.

And why not put these droids among people who are already of the mindset to avoid suspicious packages. There’s no way one of these little fellas is ever going to stall near a government building, right?

And no one would ever put something malicious in one of these puppies for the return run to the mothership. Right?

Besides, people in DC are already inured to the absurd. We know this because they live in the city that brought us Barry, the Metro, and more political mess-ups than anyone cares to recall.

So bring on the droids. There ought to be droids. Don’t worry, they’re here.

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