Seeing Myself as Type2

I’ve been thinking about it. It seems to me that it’s taken me about two years to really get it that I’m a Type 2 diabetic. I mean, it’s not going away. It’s not a passing fad. It’s not a trivial thing. It’s taken me two years to get it that I really need to make changes that are going to make a difference in my longterm health.

Even though a large part of how I developed Type 2 is due to the high doses of prednisone I’m frequently on for my steroid-dependent asthma, there was plenty I could do and needed to change. I started out counting carbs and being very – shall we say crazy? I calmed down once my glucose readings were on target, but that was only because the Metformin took care of my glucose levels. Of course, once I upped my prednisone I had to work to keep my glucose levels reasonable, even with the Metformin. The point is, I was leaving my medication to take care of my glucose levels. 

Now I’m mostly off prednisone and I’ve studied and read about diabetes for nearly two years. I get it that the medication has protected me while I grew into seeing myself as a Type 2 diabetic. Now I need to do what I can to take the pressure off the medication. Why? Well. I guess one reason is that it makes me feel like I’m in control. Another is that I want to be sure the medication is always going to be able to cover me. There’s no reason to think it won’t but I’m a worrier – from a long line of worriers – and given my allergies to all sorts of miracle drugs, I want to be sure I don’t use up my Metformin magic too soon. [NOTE: I have read NOTHING to indicate that Metformin will not continue to work.]

One of the things that’s making a difference for me is making a menu for myself. It’s not a meal plan. It’s a bunch of meals with their carb counts. I pick whichever I feel like on that particular day. They’re all meals I like. And yes, it’s just a modular meal plan and there are books that already do that BUT for me, viewing the meals as choices on a menu makes me feel like I’m making a treat for myself.

I also tried a recipe out of The Sweet Life cookbook last night. It was astonishingly good! It’s something I might have tried to do – in my wildest of wild dreams – and might have accomplished BUT it had a very low carb count. My version would have been much higher. As a result, I had a fantastic dinner and didn’t pay for it later with a glucose spike. Now THAT was a treat! And it followed over to a good glucose level this morning so why ruin it when I was feeling so well? Which means I’m off to a great start today.

So seeing myself as Type 2 has been a process. I think I’m in a really good place to make the changes I need. In fact, I’m looking forward to it, whereas when I was first diagnosed I just felt overwhelmed!

How about you?

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