Props to Clipboard Man


There are those of us who believe what we’ve been told and those of us who turn that belief into action. The most visible of those individuals at the moment is ‘Clipboard Man.’ There he stands on the tarmac, nothing but a clipboard between him, hazmat-suited medical professionals, and an Ebola patient in full contagion mode. As the rest of us grapple with whether or not we really need to touch that doorknob or take that flight, it’s hard not to wonder what’s up with him. 

Turns out, he is not without Hazmat protection due to an oversight or a faulty protocol. He is purposely without Hazmat protection because it’s his job to watch over those with the protection. It seems that moving about in those bulky suits is hazardous in and of itself. So much so that there is a need for a designated watcher to be sure the Hazmat-suited individuals don’t trip or otherwise misstep in a way that would lead to them becoming infected or harming the patient they accompany. What ‘Clipboard Man’ knows is that the Ebola virus is not airborne; it can only be contracted through contact with bodily fluids.

There is something deeply moving in the fact that he stands with no protection amidst individuals who require the utmost protection as they risk their own lives through direct contact with a fellow human being at a desperate point in her life.

Here’s to ‘Clipboard Man.’ May he not ultimately serve as canary in a coal mine, but rather as a call to the best in each of us.

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