Play Ball!

It’s Opening Day! The start of the baseball season. What could be more?

bukiet215For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting excerpts from an interview I had with NJIT Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Bruce Bukiet, aka Baseball’s Chief Geek. He’s a mathematician with a bias toward math with a purpose. His annual projections for the play off standings are prepared with a model he created.

For the American League this year, Bukiet’s looking for a poor performance by the Mets, with Boston, Detroit, and Oakland as winners in the AL Division. Anaheim and Seattle will squeak by Tampa Bay and the Yankees in the AL Wildcard.

As for the National League: St. Louis, Washington, and LA will top their divisions. San Fran and Atlanta will grab those Wildcards.

Says Bukiet of his annual predictions in a memo released yesterday, “I publish these to promote the power and relevance of math. Applying mathematical models to things that people care about or enjoy, like baseball, shows that math can be fun as well as very useful.”

See more of Bukiet’s projections.

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