No Jetson Future?

Jetson CarSay it isn’t say! Say it can’t be true that the vision of personal flying cars is about to be supplanted by —- drones delivering pizza! Talk about your cruel and twisted outcomes!

When I was a kid, we were often asked to envision the future. Our dreams always included flying cars or personal flying craft of some kind. Why not? We were kids.

Fast forward more years than I care to count and there are no flying cars or personal flying craft. The closest we’ve come is cars that can park themselves. Puh-lease! Talk about disappointing. 

Enter the drone. A sinister and menacing presence. Something that can fly overhead, capturing images and transmitting them to who knows whom for who knows what purpose. They are sort of the embodiment of all our fears of government control and intrusive behavior.

So what is the future of the drone?

Drone PizzaAn article in the Washington Post on November 1st quotes venture capitalist Tim Draper, “Drones hold the promise of companies anticipating our every need and delivering without human involvement. Everything from pizza delivery to personal shopping can be handled by drones.”

Pizza Delivery????


Dystopian Literature: Dune


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