Mission to Mars

RocketI’ve heard about a possible one-way Mission to Mars. It definitely caught my attention, but in a peripheral way. I wasn’t sure if it was something NASA was planning to do, or something Rutan was planning to do, or just something some Space-Happy person had suggested. I recently saw that this idea is, indeed, for read and there are now 100 people who have been selected

Going to Mars and living out the rest of your life there has a certain intrigue. It’s not quite the same as the colonists who made their way across our continent, feeling assured that they had every right to anything they saw and were, in fact, fulfilling their destiny.

So why go? The reasons given by the selected people range from “inspiring people around the world,” “taking part in the “adventure of the century,” giving the message that there isn’t anything we can’t do, and personally taking part in the colonization of space.

They’re a good looking group of people who seem like people you’d like to know. They come from a variety of countries, background, and ages. What they have in common is the wish to push the boundaries waaaaay beyond what most of us see as the current limits.

Soon the group will be narrowed to 40 people who will begin a seven-year training program. From there the number will be cut again, until 24 people remain for the first program. It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to look outside and see something we’ve never experienced — To live a life that is unlike anything on Earth….

MarsOne, the Dutch company behind the mission, plans to have more media coverage of the event as the training begins. This is one reality show I’m truly interested to see.

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