KidSci: Hydroponics

Are you ready for a challenge? How about growing some tomatoes without soil? I’m going to give it a try, but I have to admit I’m going to have help in the form of a Baby Bloomer. Hmm… Doesn’t seem fair. To even things up a bit, I’ll also grow some tomatoes with all of you. The ones I grow with you will be grown by following the same To Do’s as you. I’ll post a picture each week so you can see how I’m doing. Hopefully, all will be luscious and well!

So what is hydroponics? It’s a method for growing food without soil. Your plants get everything they need from their water supply. You put what they need into the water supply. Why do it this way? You get a better yield–more plants. You also have more control over the growing conditions–shelter from rain, snow, sleet. And you take away interference by critters.

I’ll post more info next week, but for now take a look at this KidsGardening site.

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