Honey Bee Update

Honey Bee PollinatorThe honey bee population has been in decline for several years. Some say it is due to the varroa mite. Others claim it is the result of pesticides. Still others cite the cause as stress on the immune system due to overuse of the bees.

The decline in population is not just a US phenomenon. This decline is being observed in Europe as well. It is also a problem with other pollinators.

Why care?

Because without pollinators, melons and other food crops would not be pollinated and there would be no crops. Given the pressure on corn prices as a result of biofuel production, food prices don’t need more upward pressure as a result of diminishing output of other crops due to pollinator decline.

So what’s the news since my posts in the Spring 2009? I’ll check around and report back in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, check out these posts for some background information. Mystery of Honey Bee Decline  Pollinator Decline

Photo: http://www.wakeup-world.com

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