Yes. Fooducate. Voted BEST APP OF 2011 Heath & Fitness Category by Apple. It’s definitely a good one.

You can use it online or with your iPhone or Android.

You enter the name of a product, or scan it if you prefer, and up pops a grade and product info that’s actually useful. It also lists better options.

I love the grade and the explanation. I also appreciate the better options. I guess it would be easier to say I really like the app.

I also have to admit it’s sort of fun to go into the app on my phone and give it a shake for a random product. (I’m also a sucker for the moveable stars in my Starbucks cup on the Starbucks app.)

For me, it will help to decide when it’s better to make it myself versus purchase something ready-made. Tomato sauce is one thing I have in mind. It takes no time to make and less time to open a jar. From what I    see on Fooducate, it’s definitely worth making it myself if only to cut down on the amount of salt in the meal.

AND – I finally have something tangible for my daughter who is convinced that Ramen Noodle Soup is one of the food groups.

Happy eating!

PS If you’re looking for an app with absolutely nothing to offer but fun, check out Fruit Ninja.

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