Fans: Yankees vs Mets

Yankees vs MetsSo which is better? To be a Yankees fan or a Mets fan? As a lifelong Yankees fan, there’s no doubt in my mind which is best. NJIT Professor Bruce Bukiet is a lifelong Mets fan. Here’s Baseball’s Chief Geek’s hilarious explanation of why it’s healthier and more productive to be a Mets fan.

“I tell people there are two main reasons that in most years it’s better to be a Mets fan. That is the psychological reason that Yankee fans – as I’m sure you know, are really insufferable. When the Yankees win, it’s like a regular day. When they lose, they’re all bummed out. With Mets fans, we’re used to losing. When the Mets win it’s a great day. When they lose, it’s a regular day. So Mets fans are either happy or neutral. Yankees fans are either miserable or neutral. We know that being happy is good for your heart, so you [Mets fans] live longer.

The other reason that it’s better to be a Mets fan is that in most years the Mets are mathematically eliminated somewhere around mid-June and so you can spend the rest of the summer enjoying yourself doing math. The Yankees fans have to watch baseball all summer long. I know Yankees fans when the Yankees don’t make the playoffs and they’re bummed out. They’re like, it’s not worth watching – I won’t even watch the World Series. The Yankees are out. The season’s over.”

Makes perfect sense to me!

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