Eat to Beat Type 2

Sometimes it’s hard to manage everything and still keep glucose levels in check. I know that’s the case for me when I have an asthma flare and need to take prednisone. To make it worse, because I don’t want take prednisone, I’ve been letting things go way too long and had my peak flows tank. That means more prednisone for longer, so you’d think I’d get it by now that sometimes it’s just necessary to deal with the prednisone!

Here’s my new approach:

  1. Sometimes I need take prednisone.
  2. When I do it requires insulin for my glucose.
  3. Carbs just make things worse.
  4. I don’t want to be hungry on top of being breathless.
  5. Having naturally low-carb, tasty foods on hand makes sense.
  6. It makes it simple to take care of myself.

There are plenty of ways to use these foods to create a simple, tasty, filling meal.

Just what are they?

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