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Update on the Verio Sync

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It’s true that I love my Verio Sync. It’s also true that there is a lot not to love. With that in mind, consider the following: Pro: The 14-day summary visible in the Reveal app on my iPhone keeps me motivated and on track. Pro: The Reveal app spots trends. Pro: The Reveal app gives an average […]


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It’s only been a short time, but I am already loving this VerioSync monitor and Reveal app. There is no getting away from the fact that I’m not doing what I need to. Why? Because the app has the key data right there, in color, on the screen of my phone. For me, it’s perfect because […]


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I wish I were the person who is going to jump out of bed on a gloomy Monday morning at 6:30 am, grab my sweats, and dash into the dim morning light to get in my 30 minutes. I know I’m not.

Seafood Watch

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Basically, Seafood Watch helps you choose ocean-friendly seafood – in your store or at a restaurant. It tells you the best choice and the status of the fish at that time. It includes Seafood Guides and a Sushi Guide, too…


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Enter the name of a product, or scan it, and up pops a grade and product that’s actually useful. It also lists better options…