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Eat to Beat Type 2

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Sometimes it’s hard to manage everything and still keep glucose levels in check. I know that’s the case for me when I have an asthma flare and need to take prednisone. To make it worse, because I don’t want take prednisone, I’ve been letting things go way too long and had my peak flows tank. […]

Cookbook: Meat on the Side

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Nikki Dinki is my all-time favorite Next Food Network Star contestant. Her philosophy is that meat should not be the focus of a meal. This is a perfect approach for those trying to better-balance their plates while controlling Type 2. The book is slated for release in early 2016. You can read all about it […]

Update on the Verio Sync

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It’s true that I love my Verio Sync. It’s also true that there is a lot not to love. With that in mind, consider the following: Pro: The 14-day summary visible in the Reveal app on my iPhone keeps me motivated and on track. Pro: The Reveal app spots trends. Pro: The Reveal app gives an average […]


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It’s only been a short time, but I am already loving this VerioSync monitor and Reveal app. There is no getting away from the fact that I’m not doing what I need to. Why? Because the app has the key data right there, in color, on the screen of my phone. For me, it’s perfect because […]

Veggie Soup

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I don’t know about you, but there are times when I want something to eat that isn’t going to knock my glucose out of whack. This is especially difficult since I am often on prednisone–which knocks my glucose to the moon as it is. Here is my version of an easy-to-make, good-tasting, snack that won’t ruin your night. It actually tastes pretty good, too.

So Much to Share

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I’ve been busy studying and consulting with educators to get the best, most timely and accurate info possible for all of us. I know we can go to the American Diabetes site – and I often do – but I want to bring information to you at a more individual and direct level. The only […]

Bayer A1C Now SelfCheck

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I’ve been using the Bayer A1C Now SelfCheck meter for about a year. I’ve just read a number of reviews about the accuracy of the meters. All in all, it’s made me wonder if I’m placing my trust in something that is not deserving of that trust.


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I wish I were the person who is going to jump out of bed on a gloomy Monday morning at 6:30 am, grab my sweats, and dash into the dim morning light to get in my 30 minutes. I know I’m not.

Housework and Health

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I’m sort of surprised that a study was actually undertaken to prove this point, but people who do not do houswork are less active than those who do. Taking away a cause for screams of sexism, I’m also certain this applies to people who don’t mow their own lawns, shovel their own snow, or paint […]

Carb-Counted Meals


Eating well while watching carbs is essential for any diabetic — Type 1, Pre, or Type 2. But let’s face it, life is hectic for most of us as it is. Carb counting meals in advance is not likely to be the first thing we run to do when we have some spare time. Carb […]

Type 2 and Kids

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I just read a horrifying report about Metformin and kids. It boils down to this: Kids and teens do not respond to Metformin in the same way as adults. That’s very bad news for kids because once they develop Type 2, the disease progresses more rapidly than in adults. Bottom line: They are in trouble […]

March 27 is Alert!Day

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March 27 is the American Diabetes Association’s Alert!Day this year. It’s your chance to take a simple, online Diabetes Risk Test and see where you fall. It won’t take much time and it could mean a head start that will make a difference to your longterm health. Leave a comment to let us know how […]

Seeing Myself as Type2

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I’ve been thinking about it. It seems to me that it’s taken me about two years to really get it that I’m a Type 2 diabetic. I mean, it’s not going away. It’s not a passing fad. It’s not a trivial thing. It’s taken me two years to get it that I really need to make changes that are going to make a difference in my longterm health…

Seafood Watch

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Basically, Seafood Watch helps you choose ocean-friendly seafood – in your store or at a restaurant. It tells you the best choice and the status of the fish at that time. It includes Seafood Guides and a Sushi Guide, too…


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Enter the name of a product, or scan it, and up pops a grade and product that’s actually useful. It also lists better options…

Yes. Fun!

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A Type 2 diagnosis doesn’t mean your fun is done. In fact, research shows that reducing stress can be just the thing for good glucose control…

Type2 Beat

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Welcome to the Type2 Beat! In the “old” days, journalists often covered one topic. It might be sports, crime, or society. Whatever it was, it was that reporter’s beat. My beat is Type2 Diabetes.  I’ll cover my beat by including book reviews, gadgets and gadget reviews. I’ll also include news and research related to Type2 Diabetes. […]