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Yes. You read that correctly. Bio – life; Geo – pertaining to the earth; Chemistry – structures, properties, and related changes. You also understood what biogeochemistry is about if it sounds like the term refers to bits of many things that are vital to life on our planet. Let’s take a closer look at the […]

Air Quality


When you see this image, you’ll know the post is about something related to Air Quality. The post may include an interview, a news item, a TED Talk, or a report on the latest research. Whichever it is, it will be worth your time. It will also include a link that you can use to […]

Speaking of Polar Bears …

Endangered Icon

At this very moment, a migration is taking place on the shores of the Hudson Bay in northern Canada. Polar bears are making their annual trek to Churchill, Manitoba to await the freezing of the bay. Once it is frozen, they will use the pack ice as their hunting ground. Because of this hunting period […]

Carbon Footprint …


Earth Day is coming up so I decided to see how we were doing with our footprint – the mark our family leaves upon Planet Earth. How bad could it be? We recycle. Drive an energy-efficient, high mpg car. Try to group our errands … I went to the Earthlab site, clicked on the icon […]