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Chesapeake Bay Health 01 – Sites to See

I’ve come across a number of amazing sites in my quest to learn more about the history of the Chesapeake’s decline. One I particularly like is the sitemaintained by the Chesapeake Bay Program — the regional partnership that’s led and directed the restoration of the Bay since 1983. Taks a look at the Chesapeake Bay […]

Chesapeake Bay Health: 02

I’ve been trying to decide the best way to get a handle on the health of the Bay. I know it’s terrible and not improving any time soon. I know all the run-off from the snow this winter is going to make things worse. I get it that the Bay has been studied and recommendations […]

Chesapeake Bay Health

I’ve been living an hour or so from the Chesapeake Bay for about 25 years now. It’s a gorgeous body of water, stretching from north to south beyond the horizon. It glitters in the sun and there’s usually a line of supertankers waiting to make their way under the Bay Bridge spans. All that’s just […]

Chesapeake Bay Update

Bad news from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Their 10th Annual State of the Bay report shows no significant progress in pollution reduction. That’s discouraging in the extreme, given the attention that’s been focused on the problem for a decade. They’re calling for the EPA “to use every possible tool available to stop” the trashing of […]