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New Tappan Zee Bridge

Who doesn’t love a bridge? They span a space and bring people safely from one side to the other. They work in all types of weather. They are forms of art and function rolled into one. New York is getting a new Hudson River crossing. This could get interesting.

Forces at Work: Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are subject to the two basic forces that are in effect for all bridges. These forces are compression and tension. In a cantilever bridge, with the space between the cantilevered portion spanned by a suspended deck, the compression and tension are straightforward. As you can see in this diagram above, from Merriam-Webster, a […]

Types of Bridges: Cantilever

There are four main types of bridges. The cantilever bridge is one type. It gets its name because it is built using cantilevers – horizontal structures that are supported on only one end. (Think diving board.) With a cantilever bridge, there is a structure that supports one end of the deck. This deck structure can […]