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Epitome of Unintended Consequences

I recently switched car insurance companies. I was happy with the rate I got. Soon after, I received a device to monitor my driving in the event that I wanted to try to qualify for a discount on my rate. I did not care about trying for a discount so I ignored the device – […]

3-D Printers and Medicine

Check out my post on the use of 3-D printers for medical purposes over at BitterEmpire. I’m blogging there once a week and will be back here for more about biogeochemistry as soon as the first chapters of my bridge book are off to Springer. I’ll also be posting more about bridges!

My First Post for Bitter SCITECH

My first post is up at Bitter SCITECH! It’s a part of the Bitter Empire site, which is affiliated with the Bitter Lawyer site. All of that is a long way of saying that I’ll be blogging about science and technology over there. When I do, I’ll link to this blog and post here to […]