Carb-Counted Meals

Eating well while watching carbs is essential for any diabetic — Type 1, Pre, or Type 2. But let’s face it, life is hectic for most of us as it is. Carb counting meals in advance is not likely to be the first thing we run to do when we have some spare time. Carb counting when you’re hungry? Forget it!

The start of a solution to the problem in my house has been studying cookbooks written for diabetics. I learned a lot I can apply in general and came across some terrific recipes in the process. I’m also a huge fan of the Eating Well site, especially their Diabetes Meal Plan. These work for me when I have the time and when I’m running the show.

My kids are teens and I’m working to establish eating habits that will decrease their likelihood of developing Type 2. At the very least, I want to push that diagnosis far, far into their futures. The recipes in the cookbooks I have don’t exactly sing to them. So — my new secret weapon is the Diabetes series put out as a special interest publication by Better Homes and Gardens. When it’s time for one of the kids to cook dinner for the family, they can select one of the “15 Great Plates” from the Meals Made Easy issue. The new Eat what You Love! issue has a great section for snacks.

My kids know they need to eat well to stay healthy and they’re up for it. These magazines are making it super easy, stress- (and hassle-) free. They also make sticking to a healthy eating plan more enjoyable for me.

This series is a big win for us in our battle to stay healthy and in my battle to keep my blood glucose steady and low. What have you found that’s helpful?

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