Butterfly Gardens

The Smithsonian is home to everything ranging from iron steam railroad engines to Julia Child’s kitchen. It’s also home to an amazing butterfly garden. As with most things Smithsonian, it’s no small thing. In fact, it includes four habitats to give us all a chance to get up close and personal with a variety of plants and butterflies.

If you’re visiting Washington, DC, you can stop by and see the garden on the 9th Street side of the National Museum of Natural History. Not planning a visit? How about creating a butterfly garden of your own? It’s a great way to help out the pollinators in your area and there’s plenty of time to get it started this year.

Here are some tips from Jonathan Kavalier, Supervisory Horticulturalist with Smithsonian Gardens.

Need more information? This is an excellent site for all things butterfly garden.

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