Bruce Bukiet / Baseball Stat Geek Time

NJIT Professor Bruce Bukiet – Baseball’s Chief Geek – uses applied mathematics to compute the best teams of the season in the AL and NL each year. Bukiet is a Mets fan – nobody’s perfect – and you can see ¬†how well he did with his predictions for 2012 in this video.

Here’s the link – fresh from Bukiet – for this year.

And while we’re talking Geek… Numb3rs had a show in 2005 that’s still one of my favorites. It had Bill Nye pitching a disastrous curve ball to Larry, as well as a steroid-detecting statistical program developed by Oswald Kittner. With that program, the fictional Oswald could tell when a player was headed for troubles. How nice would that have been this year?

Play Ball!

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