Bridge Book Nearing Completion

I’ve been working on a book about the physics of bridges and why some bridges fail and others succeed for far longer than I care to admit. BUT… “The book” as we call it around here, is nearly complete. A few more words and several more tweaks and it’s good to go. I know my editor at Springer will be as delighted as I am – possibly even a bit more – to have The Science of Bridges – Stunning Successes and Fantastic Failures of Spanning Structures out the door and on the shelf.

My first book, Modeling Ships and Space Craft: The Science and Art of Mastering the Oceans and Sky, was a bit of a learning experience. I wanted to incorporate all of the amazing information that was new to me. I also wanted to bring the experiences of William Froude and the first model basin, David Taylor and his EMB, the importance of scale model testing, the Wright brothers and their wind tunnel, and Goddard and the other rocket men to life for a new generation.

Okay. Back to work!


~ Gina

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