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Bayer A1C

I’ve been using the Bayer A1C Now SelfCheck meter for about a year. I love that I can take a test and see how I’m doing between visits with my endocrinologist. I’ve just read a number of reviews – mixed reviews – about the accuracy of the meters. All in all, it’s made me wonder if I’m placing my trust in something that is not deserving of that trust.

Have any of you used the Bayer A1C Now SelfCheck test kit? If so, did you use it at about the same time as a lab test of your A1C? How about along with an average from your glucose monitor. (I know. I have one that gives me an average but I haven’t been using that one. I will now!) 

Have all of your results been off, or has it varied from time to time that you’ve tested?

If you don’t use this Bayer test kit, is there a different kit you use? Would you recommend that kit?

I don’t want to run to a lab to test in between tests at my doctor’s office, but I do like to know that I’m on track. Truth be told, I tend to use the meter after I’ve been on high doses of prednisone. I know that despite my best efforts, my glucose has gone far higher than normal. Since I don’t have a choice about using the prednisone, it’s reassuring to see that the steps I take when I’m on it are having an overall positive effect. Unless of course they’re not because the Bayer A1C NOW test kit is wrong.


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