Asthma, Prednisone, Amaryl, and me

Guess who was on the losing end of this quartet?

So – I have fairly bad asthma. I had a bad “attack” that required prednisone. That pushed my glucose into the stratosphere. That called for 1 mg of Amaryl.

Now, 1 mg of Amaryl hardly sounds like a lot, BUT for me it was. My glucose plunged from near 400 to 70- and-dropping over the course of a few hours. Honey, ice cream, and glucose tablets brought it to 71. Then in the 200s after a few hours.

The moral of this story for me? My overall glucose control must be effective. The walking I’m doing, the weight I’ve lost by being as active as possible despite my steroid-dependent asthma, the simple switch from 2 slices of bread to one – or even to wrapping things in lettuce leaves… All of this is getting me somewhere.

So – to those who have been on the losing end of other medical conditions and Type2 – here’s to better glucose control for all of us!

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